Research and development in wine

I + D

In our winery, we combine cutting-edge technology with straightforward and respectful processes in the grape-must-wine trio. Therefore, we stabilize the temperature of harvested grapes with cold storage, utilize computerized fermentation control with cooling equipment, maintain microbiologically controlled fermentations, and conduct extensive analytical monitoring with an in-house laboratory managed by specialized personnel. Our analytical control primarily includes: must analysis, phenolic maturity index, wine analysis, microbiological analysis, barrel and cork analysis (TCA, TeCA, PCA…).

Research and Development

At Celler Tianna Negre, we are convinced that in addition to respecting our winemaking tradition, research, development, and innovation in the world of wine are of great importance due to the significant improvement they bring to the final product. For this reason, we focus on R+D+I and quality in all aspects of the wine production process.

Our philosophy leads us to understand that the quality of wines doesn’t solely reside in the winery; it begins in the vineyard and concludes with its presentation for commercialization.

That’s why, at our company, we advocate for quality and sustainable viticulture, nurturing our vineyards so that each variety expresses its maximum oenological potential. We work throughout the year to ensure a healthy harvest with uniform ripening. During the vine’s vegetative cycle, we conduct monitoring and analytical controls to align our work with desired objectives. We perform manual harvesting with selection in 15 kg boxes to preserve grape quality to the fullest.


We’re committed to reviving our native grape varieties that disappeared due to the late 19th-century phylloxera plague. That’s why we have experimental vineyards planted on our estates and collaborate with the “Institut de Recerca i Formació Agrària” of the Balearic Government. We were the driving force behind the recovery of Giró ros and currently have: Escursac, Galmater, Mandó, Esperó de Gall, Gafarró, Quigat, Argamussa, Valent negre, Valent blanc, Callet blanc, and Vinater blanc, Giró negre, Batista (red), Callet de Cas Concos (red), Fogoneu Francés (red), and Manses de Tibbus (white).

Furthermore, we embrace a viticulture that respects the ecosystem it coexists with. This is why we have taken a step further in our commitment to the natural environment, aiming to produce organic wines. Thus, since 2013, we have been dedicated to organic vineyard practices, totaling 55 hectares by 2020, where we work with local varieties like Manto negro, Callet, Gorgollasa, Escursac, Giró ros, and Prensal blanc.


In each harvest, we allocate a portion of our efforts to experiment with different fermentation processes, production methods, and aging in wood with our local varieties to observe their impact on the final wines. Our TN5 range of wines has emerged from the results of these processes, through which we communicate the outcomes to the consumers.

During each harvest, we utilize the stems to create compost for fertilization in other crops.


At Celler Tianna Negre, we believe in the symbiosis between the worlds of art and wine.

Wine is culture and art, a sensory experience in itself, and thus, we can’t overlook its presentation. For this reason, we strive to care for, cherish, and innovate the final aspects—such as the bottle, label, and packaging.

We engage in the development of the image for each product, from the initial concept to the final phase.


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