Tianna Bocchoris Rosé

Tianna Bocchoris Rosé is an organic wine made with the ancestral variety Gorgollassa and aged in cement tanks.

Tianna Bocchoris Rosado ecológico is born from the research and development work of the team at Celler Tianna negre with the ancestral and almost extinct grape variety called Gorogollassa. During several harvests, it has been vinified in various ways, always aiming to produce a high-quality rosé wine.





Alcoholic grade





IGP Mallorca

Manual harvest in boxes of 12 kg.
Night harvest and manual selection of grapes transported to the winery in 12-kilogram boxes. The wine spends a night cooling in a refrigeration chamber. The next morning, the grapes are destemmed and transferred to pneumatic presses where they macerate with the skins for one hour. The grapes are pressed with a yield never exceeding 50%. They are then clarified by gravity and ferment at low temperatures for more than 20 days. The wine finishes its fermentation in 1900-liter concrete eggs, where it rests on its lees for 6 months, a process in which it becomes refined and gains depth and complexity.
Tasting note

Tianna Bocchoris Rosado ecological is a peony-colored rosé wine with pastel pink reflections.
Delicate aromas of geranium petal, cherry pie, and Mediterranean herbs.
Dry mouthfeel with an unusually complex and textured palate, with acidity that brings liveliness. Long, refreshing, and full finish.

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