Winery cellar in Binissalem Mallorca

The beginning

Our history

The label of our first wine, Ses Nines, depicts our mother as a child playing in the street of her hometown, Consell, one of those villages with a winemaking tradition in the Raiguer region.

That girl, our mother, coming from a peasant family, inherited a small vineyard in Consell over 35 years old, planted exclusively with the local Manto Negro grape in the traditional style, known as “politxó” (trained goblet-shaped vine). Thanks to this small plot of Manto Negro and the love and care our mother provided, she and the other members of her family, the Morey Garau family, all from Binissalem, became enthused with the idea of building a winery to make our own wines. The idea gathered momentum, and in 2004, the architectural project to construct Celler Tianna Negre began. With perseverance and passion, Celler Tianna Negre opened its doors to its first harvest in 2007.

Since our beginnings, we have been adding more land to the original vineyard, working in an organic manner across all of them (2 hectares in Finca Biniagual, 4 hectares in Finca Es Pinaret, 5 hectares in Finca Son Colom, 11 hectares in Finca Can Parrona, 6 hectares in Finca Sa Vinyota, 6 hectares in Finca Es Velar, and 21 hectares in Finca Son Boi). With all of them, we continue the work of our mother’s legacy, with absolute respect for the land, our winemaking traditions, and the native grape varieties

Our facilities

The architecture of “Celler Tianna Negre” is a clear example of the combination of architectural design, functionality, and environmental respect. The result is a powerful and spectacular building that is fully integrated into the surroundings and has optimal conditions for energy use, work, and productivity. All of these characteristics contribute to the final outcome of our wines.

Organic Vineyards

We own approximately 55 hectares of organic vineyards located in the regions of Binissalem and Consell. These vineyards are planted in “Call Vermell” soils, which are calcareous soils with rounded stones and a clayey texture, offering excellent drainage capacity.


Not only are we a winery with 100% organic production, but we are also a sustainable and circular economy-focused winery.

Our winery was designed to work by gravity throughout the production chain, which results in energy savings. We have two sets of photovoltaic panels that generate 85 kW of electrical energy, making us self-sufficient in terms of energy. Additionally, we have implemented a water purification system through organic matter oxygenation, allowing us to reuse all the water used in the winery.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles, as we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize resource efficiency.

I + D

At Celler Tianna Negre, we are convinced that, in addition to respect for our winemaking tradition, research, development, and innovation in the world of wine are of great importance due to the significant improvement they bring to the final product. For all these reasons, we focus on R&D and quality in every aspect of the wine-making process.

Our philosophy makes us understand that the quality of wines is not only rooted in the winery, but it starts in the vineyard and ends in its presentation for marketing.</p><p>Every year, we tend to experiment with something different, both in the management of the vineyard and in the making of new wines. As a result of this drive for innovation, our Tianna Sommelier and Tianna Boutique wine ranges have emerged.


Come visit us!

Book a visit to our winery to experience the world of wine firsthand, savor the sweetest and ripest grapes, and taste our finest wines. It’s perfect for celebrating your anniversary or any social event while immersing yourself in an oenological experience.