Wines of Mallorca


Red wine Quattuor insulae

Quattuor Insulae is the result of a meticulous exploration of exceptional vineyards on our island, where only four (4) indigenous varieties are selected: Callet, Manto Negro, Gorgollassa, and Escursac, all cultivated in different strategic locations.

Organic wines sommelier collection

The naked expression of three Mallorcan grape varieties, both the work in viticulture and winemaking, along with their measured aging, make these wines a purist version of the native Mallorcan varieties.

Wines tn5 colletion

It's the experimental range of Celler Tianna Negre. Under the umbrella of this brand, special wines from specific harvests have been released to the market, which, due to their style, were decided to be bottled separately. Many of them have been crafted only once and have not been reproduced again, while some others have been produced year after year due to their positive reception in the market.

Organic wines tianna colletion

The best selected clusters in extremely limited quantities. The Tianna range is designed for those adventurous palates seeking personality and character. These are not linear wines but rather evocative with aging potential. Exclusive use of new oak barrels for the red and egg-shaped concrete tanks for the white. We preserve the natural qualities of the wines by avoiding aggressive filtrations.

Organic wines tianna bocchoris

The best of the fruity expression of our varieties in a context of aging, refinement, and balance. Modern, expressive, and rounded wines, where the combination of aging notes brings richness and complexity.

Organic wines velonegre, veloblanc and velorose

An ecological and sustainable commitment that revolves around the “Manto Negro,” an iconic variety of Raiguer. In its three versions (white, rosé, and red), it allows us to appreciate the qualities of the variety based on its production. Each harvest showcases different facets of the variety, encouraging us to discover its boundaries.

Organic wines km1

Wines associated with ‘proximity’ as a global concept; not only referring to physical proximity but also as a straightforward, expressive product, without grandiose narratives regarding its production, accessible to all audiences, and even suitable for beginners.

Wines ses nines mallorca

The most popular and flagship range of the winery. A typically Mediterranean wine where the ancestral tradition of Binissalem is applied from a contemporary perspective. A classic and emblematic range on which the rest of the ranges are built, and where the knowledge developed after years of experience is applied.

Wines el columpio

Wines with a predominance of fruity and floral notes, far from the complexity of wines with long aging processes. Based on foreign or international grape varieties. Undoubtedly, a range of youthful, fresh, and unconventional wines.